First SA Caravan Conversion reaches Mid-Point

First Caravan conversion underway in South Africa
December 20, 2011
Blackhawk Caravan powers to new heights
February 20, 2012

needed to be upgraded. Hilton Minnaar, from Stealth Avionics Maintenance Services, was contracted to do this upgrade. Once the wiring upgrade is complete, the new Hawkeye DigiLog engine gauges will be fitted into the cockpit. Along with this engine gauge upgrade, Aeronautical Instrument & Autopilot, at Wonderboom, will install a set of Garmin 750 glass avionic systems into the cockpit.

All this work was reaching an advanced stage as this edition of World Airnews was being distributed. The Cessna Caravan is now approaching the imminent completion of the upgrade and will enter a series of ground tests and engine runs in preparation for its first test flight with the new Blackhawk PT6A-42A engine.

Jim Allmon, president and CEO of Blackhawk, was due to arrive in South Africa from the United States recently to witness the test flight of the first Cessna Caravan Blackhawk conversion in Africa.

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